Meine Familie

Thanks to Mom & Dad without them i would never have been, although they swear they found me at the bottom of the garden... i think they tell fibs !

Current games being played :

Travian welt 7 / Travian Uk speed server

Vietcong fistalpha on the Warface server : (WarFace) Zeta

Every Starwars game they ever designed.

Current location : In the garden or painting something but then again ive probably got my head stuck in the beer fridge.

About me : Ex-pat came to germany with the Military years ago and stayed on to marry and have 2 great kids i also like it here because its the land of the Beer and its cheap and my fridge is full whilst yours is not.

I now work as a Chief Armed security dog Handler for the Military which is a great job and i smile when i go to work,  thats got to be a dream job or ?

This has to be the best Picture ever, taken in Cuxhaven where we build huge sand castles and the locals walk by and ask if they can take a photo. I think its because secretly they all love the Union Jack and want to be English !.